The Locarno Industry Academy is a training program launched in 2014 at the Locarno Film Festival, with strong European and International dimensions, created to help young professionals extend their network in the areas of international sales, marketing, traditional and online distribution, exhibition and programming (festivals, cine clubs and Cinematheques). While providing a unique chance for the young generation to gain a better grasp of the industry and its challenges and connect with established professionals attending the Festival, the Industry Academy has significantly expanded into the international scene as well, offering workshops in partnership with major film festivals and institutions: in Greece with Thessaloniki IFF, in the USA with the NYC-based Film at Lincoln Center, and in Beirut with MC Distribution and BCP.


In Latin America, the Industry Academy is supported by Ibermedia, a media partnership with LatAm Cinema, and has local partnerships with Morelia International Film Festival and IMCINE in Mexico, Australab in Chile and International Film Festival Panama in Panama. For the 3rd year, the workshop is also offered in Brazil, supported by Cinema do Brasil and Projeto Paradiso and in partnership with BrLab.


Over the past decade, with the development of Brazilian cinema and its frequent presence in international festivals, we were able to notice young people’s growing interest in the film industry, especially as a means to get to the international market. Because of Brazil’s large size and the fact that its language is different from neighboring countries, meeting with international players or colleagues is not so straightforward. During the Industry Academy’s 3-day workshop, which brings together Brazilian and Latin American young professionals, it is easy to perceive that the challenges faced by the industry are similar across different countries, so why not think of solutions as a group?


With the new technologies fighting for space with cinema theatres and the new content formats currently being made, the independent film industry has to constantly reinvent itself, which is the reason why we believe that building a network of people from different backgrounds and countries, and even continents, is a very enriching experience – not only for the participants but the tutors and us as well.


Julia Duarte – Regional project manager

Marion Klotz – Project manager