In this context of the COVID-19 pandemic, our ways of working are deeply affected. It has changed the world and our film industry. It is therefore essential to be able to adapt and reinvent ourselves by seeking new ways of working and collaborating. It is also essential for us to address this crisis situation in which the film industry in the region finds itself, and to support our community of professionals. For these reasons, we decided to organize the Industry Academy in Latin America in a digital version.


The Industry Academy is an intensive training program whose objective is supporting young industry professionals working in the areas of online and traditional distribution, sales, film marketing, exhibition and programming so that they understand and are able to face the challenges of the independent film industry in Latin America and in the world.


This year we will have two sessions of the Industry Academy for Latin American professionals. The selection of participants will be made under a single call for entries common to both activities*.



Sao Paulo Industry Academy

in the frame of BrLab (Brasil), from November 11th to 19th 2020

Chile Industry Academy

in the frame of Australab (Chile), from December 10th to 18th 2020



* You may mark a preference, but it is the Industry Academy team who will define which session the selected participants will be part of; therefore, you must have availability on both dates. If you only have availability on one date, please indicate this, but this may reduce the possibility of being selected.




The call remains open from Monday July 20th to Monday August 17th.


Results will be published Monday September 7th.


Professionals under 40 years of age, with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the areas of sales, marketing, online and traditional distribution, exhibition and programming, and a good level of English and Spanish (written and spoken) can apply.


We remind you that this training is not for producers or directors who wish to understand the world of film circulation, but rather for professionals who have started working in this part of the chain.



Application form

– CV

– Cover letter (in spanish or english)

– Passport copy

– Picture


Each session will offer a group of 10 participants from Latin America, tutorials with international professionals with extensive experience in the field of independent film circulation, as well as the opportunity to meet other professionals in the audiovisual industry who will be part of activities developed by BrLab and AUSTRALAB.


Thus, a total of 20 participants will enjoy the online Academy activities. Taking advantage of the fact that this edition will be online (to later return to a face-to-face format) we think it is important to provide our community of former Academy participants from the region and from around the world with access to some of the content. We will communicate about it in due course.


The Industry Academy, launched for the first time at the Locarno Festival in 2014, is a program for young professionals working in the fields of international sales, marketing, distribution, exhibition and programming (festivals, film clubs, museums, film libraries). It has been created in order to help them to position themselves in the industry, and also to allow them to directly interact with regional and international industry professionals and key players. The Industry Academy acts as a shortcut for a new generation of professionals entering the independent film industry, encouraging their progress, helping them to get a better understanding of the Industry’s challenges and broaden their network of contacts. The aim of the Locarno Industry Academies International is also to build bridge across different markets in Europe, North and Ibero-america.





About BrLab


BrLab is a project developed by Klaxon Cultura Audiovisual, and is the only audiovisual project development laboratory in Brazil that encourages and receives projects from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, granting financial aid so that professionals from different countries and Brazilian regions are able to participate in various activities, guided by renowned international consultants. For this reason, BrLab accumulates successful cases of films screened in Brazil and abroad, and has rapidly consolidated itself, over its nine years of existence, as an international reference among the main platforms, laboratories and similar initiatives globally.



About Australab


AUSTRALAB is Chile’s oldest independent film promotion platform, its hallmark being innovation. Throughout its history, it has influenced different phases of the chain of rights, reinventing itself and redefining its modules according to the evolution of the film industry and the observation of contingencies that affect the sector.  It has worked in virtuous and consistent alliances with an important number of relevant actors in the international industry, such as CICAE, EUROPA DISTRIBUTION, ACE – Ateliers du Cinéma Européen-, the International Film Festival Rotterdam IFFR, BAFICI, BrLab, among others. Today, it develops in Chile the Industry Academy in collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival, and 3 Puertos Cine in collaboration with Circo 2,12 from Mexico and BrLab from Brazil.




The Industry Academy América Latina 2020 is organized thanks to the support of  IBERMEDIA





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