BrPlot – Scriptwriters Meeting

BrPlot – Third edition

Welcome to the third edition of BrPlot!


It is with great pride and satisfaction that I announce the 2019 edition of our event dedicated to screenwriting. Just like a character in a story, BrPlot comes to this edition stronger, having faced hard trials and challenging dilemmas. Like a protagonist who is fully convinced of her goal and has a strong will to transform herself through challenges, we are reinvigorated and more mature.


I believe this is one of our most interesting editions. At the Opening Panel, on October 3, at Espaço Itaú 4 (which will host us this year), we will engage in an urgent debate: the relationship between The Screenwriter and the Public. After all, is it possible to think that some stories are more likely to reach a wide audience? Or is it all the work of great chance and luck? Or is the script not as relevant as the marketing budget? For this debate, we invited three experienced screenwriters who have written many popular works: Tati Bernardi, Paulo Cursino and Patrícia Andrade, mediated by journalist Ana Paula Sousa.


On the following day, October 4, we will hear from screenwriters about their relationship with the Narrative Genres. Is there room in the Brazilian market to write gender narratives? For this panel, we invited some of the most successful Brazilian screenwriters of recent years: LG Bayão, Marton Olympio and Gabriela Amaral Almeida, mediated by Jaqueline Souza. On the same day, we invite screenwriters to learn a little more about an extremely important aspect of the profession: The Screenwriter’s Rights. At this third BrPlot panel, I will be joined by lawyer and copyright specialist Paula Vergueiro to talk about the current status of our historical claims in the light of the GEDAR and ABRA associations. In the evening, there will also be an exhibition of O Ornintólogo, at Instituto Moreira Salles, with the presence of Portuguese director and screenwriter João Pedro Rodrigues.


We then proceeded to a full day, with 3 panels. The first panel on Saturday, October 5, is about Heads of Writers’ Rooms. This collective creative practice, increasingly common in the Brazilian audiovisual environment, deserves more experience sharing. At the panel, Chico Mattoso, Felipe Sant’angelo and Jaqueline Vargas, mediated by Duda de Almeida. The second panel of the day, Real Characters, Fiction Stories proposes a reflection for screenwriters who are faced with the challenge of working on fiction projects based on real people and stories. At the panel, Carol Kotscho, Vera Egito and LG Bayão, mediated by Maíra Bühler. And, to end the cycle of debate panels, Original Brazilian Works will ask Brazilian writers where they have sought inspiration to create original and authentic projects. This panel will be attended by Felipe Braga, Maria Camargo and Rosane Svartman, with mediation by Aleksei Abib.


And on top of all of this, we will exhibit an excellent collection of films on Sunday, with 3 feature films that were selected in previous versions of BrLab: O Rifle, As Herdeiras and Todos somos marinheiros.


Finally, we wrap up BrPlot’s programming with one of our biggest prides this year: the release of Anna Muylaert’s book with the script of Que horas ela volta?, a special and historic edition, at Cinesesc.


It has become clear that our industry is going through a very challenging time. Ancine is on shaky ground, the financing system built over the past years is at stake. As if that were not enough, the writers’ freedom is threatened by the words and gestures of those who were supposed to defend it, as if a creative regression or thematic restriction were possible in our country. But here we are, and we say no. Freedom of expression is nonnegotiable and the words of writers will spread out with increasing force. What we have here is a free platform.


I wouldn’t be able to conclude this announcement without thanking the creator of BrLab and the key person in this whole endeavor. Thank you, Rafael Sampaio, for your untiring strength, for keeping it all up, for bringing so many good people around such a cool project.


We carry on, strong as ever.


Thiago Dottori