Presentation Spcine

Fostering the audiovisual chain with the development of new stories


It is with great satisfaction that Spcine supports for another year the BrLab, which has already proved to be one of the most outstanding events in Latin America when it comes to the development of audiovisual projects. The numbers are expressive. A look at the laboratory’s timeline will show that, since its first edition in 2011, there have been more than 1,700 applications, about 200 qualified professionals participating in the program, as well as 92 participating projects from 17 countries and ten Brazilian states. It is a list that stands out by the numbers, but that proves its real importance when we analyze the impact on the sector. Out of the total number of projects that went through BrLab, 16 were completed and released as feature films, 15 are currently being finalized and 18 are in the fundraising stage. The audiovisual project cycle needs to be seen as a gradually evolving work, as long as the idea, the treatment and the production planning are in line. This is where the importance of the creative laboratory comes in, providing full support to those who need to improve the projects’ foundation. Having BrLab as a partner also means keeping track of new trends in the audiovisual market. Especially projects that might cross Spcine’s path. Be it via Spcine’s funding schemes, such as the one focused on production; via the São Paulo Film Commission, at the time when the need arises to shoot in public spaces of the city; or via Circuito Spcine, when the time comes for distribution. BrLab is essencial for the industry because it focuses on one of the most strategic axes of the creative chain. And it goes beyond it, by placing filmmakers face to face with experts from Brazil and other countries, globalizing knowledge. May the 2018 edition be as rich as the previous ones.


Mauricio Andrade Ramos
Spcine’s President Director