Presentation 3 Puertos Cine Montagem – BrLab


3 PUERTOS CINE is a platform for the qualification of Latin American feature films co-organized by AUSTRALAB from Chile, CIRCO 2,12 from Mexico and, since 2018, BRLAB. 3 PUERTOS CINE is carried out in two stages in the development phase, the first one in Chile, at AUSTRALAB, and the second one in Mexico, at Circo 2,12. The projects selected each year participate in the two stages, with a five-months interval between them, in which the directors are helped by consultants, addressing the aesthetic, narrative and conceptual aspects of each project. A third stage focused on the editon stage was recently incorporated into the platform and will be carried out during the BrLab. At the third stage, in São Paulo, projects in the editing phase and that have gone through the previous stages of 3 PUERTOS CINE or other editions of BrLab, participate in consultations and debates with editors and directors, strengthening the completion of films.