Special Program at Fábrica de Cultura

After the activities of the 7th edition of BrLab – Audiovisual Projects Development, for the first time, a special program will be held at the Fábrica de Cultura – Brasilândia, which will consist of a panel on the audiovisual market presented by Mariana Brail and Rafael Sampaio and the projection of two films that participated of BrLab in their development stage: Symphony of the Necropolis, by Juliana Rojas (participant of BrLab in 2011) and After the Rain, by Claudio Marques and Marília Hughes (participants of BrLab in 2011).

Fábrica de Cultura – Brasilândia
General Penha Brasil, 2508 – Vila Nova Cachoeirinha

    Dialogue on the Brazilian Audiovisual Market

    With Mariana Brasil e Rafael Sampaio
    November 8, 3 pm

    Symphony of the Necropolis

    85′ | 2015

    November 9, 3 pm

    Screening and Q&A with the film’s producer, Max Eluard Symphony of the Necropolis takes place in the city of São Paulo, where the work routine of gravedigger’s apprentice Deodato changes when a new female employee arrives at the cemetery. Together, they must re-register the abandoned tombs, but strange events make the apprentice question the implications of tinkering with the dead.

    After the Rain

    90′ | 2013

    November 9, 3 pm

    In 1984, a time when the military dictatorship is losing strength and coming to an end, two 16-year-old boys from Bahia start to realize that they are witnessing an important moment in the country’s history. Their discovery of the political context, with the imminent direct elections for president, is mixed with their sexual discoveries and the end of adolescence.