The Other Son

Afraid of living her oldness alone, Hilda decides to adopt Lia. Joca, Lia’s older brother, is turning 18 soon and has to leave the shelter where they have lived for 10 years. Lia tries to convince Hilda to adopt both of them and the woman starts to spend time with the siblings. Hilda is intimidate with Joca’s presence, but eventually she develops affection with the boy. Still, she cannot consider adopting a grownup black male. Lia resents Hilda´s decision about not adopting her brother and, in the middle of all of that, Joca feels time rushing against him and disappears leaving no trace. Hilda, who just wanted to save herself, feels she needs to find Joca and help him. When they finally meet again there is only time to say goodbye.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 805.600,00

Capted Value: US$ 43.300,00



  • Thais Fujinaga

    She studied Cinema at the University of São Paulo. She wrote and directed four short films that have received over 60 awards and prizes in festivals around the world, including a Special Mention at the Berlinale. She worked as a scriptwriter for A Cidade Onde Envelheço, by Marília Rocha, that had its world premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival.


  • Max Eluard

    Executive producer, owner of Avoa Filmes. He produces fiction and documentaries. He was coordinator of DOCTV Iberianamerican Program. He was also coordinator of DOCTV Brasil. He has also 7 years experience as executive producer at the TV Cultura’s Documentary Department. He has produced over 20 films awarded internationally, features, shorts and documentaries.

  • Luara Oliveira

    She studied Communication at PUC-SP and at the EICTV, Cuba. She edited short films like Avós (2009), featured at the Berlinale, and documentaries such as O Roteirista (2011). She wrote the sitcom Like! (2018), produced the documentary Grin (2015) and is currently producing Coroando (by Paulo Sergio) and Amém (by Mariana Tesch).