The Pack

The Pack is the story of Miguel (37), the administrator of the resources of a small traditional cattle-breeding town in the Andes Mountains, where people believe that in the moment of their deaths, their ancestors come down from the top of the mountains to take them along to rest. But one night, the town is attacked by a pack of dogs.


Country: Chile

Estimated Value: US$ 875.000,00

Capted Value: US$ 30.800,00



  • Mauricio López Fernández

    Born in Santiago, Chile. His first short film La Santa, was premiered at Berlinale in 2012. Later, La Visita won the award for Best Short Film at the New York International Film & Video Festival. From this short developed his first feature, premiered in Guadalajara. The Pack is his second feature film.


  • Joséphine Schroeder

    Born in Paris, France. She worked for Rouge International on several features by Cristian Jimenez, Ben Rivers, Ben Russel, Oliver Laxe and Raed Andoni. She lives in Chile since 2013 and worked as an independent producer with companies such as Cinestación, before founding Pequén Producciones in 2016.

  • Fernando Bascuñan

    Born in Santiago, Chile. He is the founder and producer of the Production company Planta. He produced Las Analfabetas by Moisés Sepúlveda and Vida de Familia by Alicia Scherson and Cristián Jiménez.