She Wolf

Max is a tramp who has lived in the streets for 27 years. He is an outsider of the system. He is a real-life “Charlot” and spends his time at the market, entertaining the women who work there, and guaranteeing his subsistence. One day, he is forced to break into and rob a house, and after being locked up he ends up having a one night relationship with Angela, a blind girl. Fanny and Gerard are a typical Bolivian couple. On a trip, Fanny walks into a forest and has a strange encounter with a beast. When Gerard finds her, they end up lost and take shelter in a colonial house. At night, Fanny transforms into a wolf and mortally attacks Gerard. At dawn, the community discovers the tragedy, captures Fanny and sets her on fire.


Country: Bolivia

Estimated Value: US$ 402.500,00

Capted Value: US$ 79.000,00



  • Kiro Russo

    Director, producer and screenwriter, he was born and raised in La Paz. He studied directing at FUC (Universidad del Cine) in Buenos Aires. He directed 3 short films – -Entreprisse (2010), Juku (2012), Nueva Vida (2015) – and Viejo Calavera (2016), his debut feature, which won many awards in the festivals circuit. He is currently working on the development of his second feature, She Wolf.


  • Alexa Rivero

    Producer. Born in Paris, Alexa is Franco-Bolivian. A graduate in Philology and master’s degree in Cultural Industry Management, Alexa has been working for over a decade with festivals, production, distribution and sales companies before launching her own production company, Altamar Films.