Légua is a small village perched on the edge of a road that connects the two closest towns. The village is home to Celina, who runs by herself the house known as Casa da Botica, an 18th century property seldom visited by its owners. Her husband, Fernando, has returned to France, as an immigrant, where he works in construction. Her children, Tânia and Tiago, have left home. The only one living with her is Conceição, an old friend who is now sick. Between the constant caring and what is left of the village, distance settles into the family.


Country: Portugal

Estimated Value: US$ 735.500,00

Capted Value: US$ 35.500,00




  • João Milller Guerra e Filipa Reis

    They live and work together in Lisbon. They directed several films regularly shown in international festivals such as Cinéma du Réel, IDFA, DokLeipzig, Bordocs, Fórumdoc.BH, Festival dei Popoli, FIDBA, Dok.Fest. In 2008, they founded the production company Uma Pedra No Sapato.


  • Filipa Reis

    She graduated in Business Management and post-graduated in Cinema and Television. She works as a director and producer for TV and film since 2000. In 2008 she started her own company where she creates, develops, produces and direct projects for television with the label “Vende-se Filmes” and film projects with the label Uma Pedra no Sapato.