Butterfly Diaries

Liz enters puberty and does not know how to deal with changes. Although she is the best student in school, has a good relationship with her parents and is considered mature for her age, she has difficulties in confronting puberty. An exchange program in London, difficult relationships and a severe eating disorder will be even more complex barriers in this journey towards adulthood. Butterfly Diaries is a juvenile drama that addresses themes that are unprecedented in Brazilian cinematography. It was the only Brazilian project up to date to be invited to Canne’s Atelier Cinéfondation program, besides having represented Brazil at BoliviaLab.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 966.300,00

Capted Value: US$ 157.400,00




  • Paula Kim

    At 17, she won the World 1 Minute Festival with Explicit Sex. Graduated in Audiovisuals (USP) and post graduated at K-Arts, she directed Chu Mar; 26, Best Korean Girl and Gonnyon’s First Drive. She also wrote Butterfly Diaries, the only Brazilian project up to date to take part at Cannes Film Festival’s Atelier. With the research material she created the media SobreNossaVisãoDistorcida.


  • André Blak

    Journalist with MBA in Business Management and specialization in Audiovisual Production by FGV. Developed social media for Elite Squad 2, Kings & Rats, U23D, Artificial Paradises, Boca, Os 3 and Rock Brasilia. Co-producer of The Last Virgin (2016). Professor at the course Film as Business (Escola Livre de Cinema – BH and Espaco Telezoom – RJ).