Made to Be Maids

Sandra and Mariana are cousins. Their past comes to light when they live together again, in the same house where they grew up. Sandra, 35, is a black woman with dark skin. Mariana, 34, is a light-skinned black woman. Ivone, Sandra’s mother, worked as stay-in maid for Mariana’s family. Sandra challenges the romantic version that Mariana has of their history, which ignores that Sandra, even as a child, worked in the house with her mother. When Mariana loses her job, she decides to take over the housework. Gradually, their roles and social hierarchy are inverted: Sandra is taking over the house and getting hold of Mariana’s things. To break the cycle of oppression, they will need to understand their differences and recognize themselves as equal.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 442.500,00

Capted Value: US$ 0,00



  • Carol Rodrigues

    Director and screenwriter of the short film A Boneca e o Silêncio, which has taken part in national and international important festivals, winning prizes in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Portugal, Poland and India. Carol is part of the team of the webseries Empoderadas. Currently, Carol is working in her first feature film and as a screenwriter for different TV series.


  • Juliana Zakia

    Executive producer. Graduated in Audiovisual by ECA/USP and working since 2004, she has produced, directed and photographed several short films, feature films and TV series. Among them: Rio Cigano and Tarabatara (that she wrote and directed), Periscópio (Kiko Goifman), Causando na Rua (Tata Amaral) and Licuri Surf (Guile Martins), awarded at Berlinale.

  • Guilherme César

    Executive producer. Graduated in Audiovisual by ECA/USP. As producer, he made the feature film Rio Cigano, the medium-length film O Espetáculo Democrático!, and the short film A Mula Teimosa, awarded at the Brasilia Festival. As a manager, he coordinated the implementation and operation of the public cinemas in the Circuito Spcine de Cinema.