Colors of May

Joana, 15 y.o., and Eduardo, 20 y.o., are the children of the only
black family of the Golden Village Condominium. Carlos and Wanda
were born in the ghetto, have risen economically and are trying to
fi t in the white standards that are now in their circle. Joana is facing
problems at school, she is getting bad grades and is very frail. Her
parents take the kids to their old neighborhood, where their family
still lives, to spend their vacation. Eduardo, in his brand new car,
is stopped by the police along with his cousins, who are taken into
custody, arrested for a crime they didn’t commit. Joana, with her
cousins, will transform her own journey. She and her brother will
rediscover their identities through violence and beauty.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 790,000.00

Capted Value: US$ 0.00



  • Juliana Vicente

    Director, producer and founder of Preta Portê Filmes. She graduated in Cinema at FAAP and EICTV and in 2015 was selected to the Berlinale Talent Campus. Her works – Cores e Botas (2010), Leva (2011), Ruth de Souza (2018), among others – seek a dialogue and a confrontation with racism and its aspects beyond economic issues.


  • Carla Comino

    Producer and designer, graduated in Cinema at FAAP. She managed the production team at Preta Portê Filmes for fi ve years, developing over 20 projects approved in national and international funds and development labs. She was also production manager of awarded fi lms such as Film for Poeta Cego (2012) and Leva (2011).

  • Gustavo Maximiliano

    Born in Goiânia en 1984, Gustavo Maximiliano is a producer based in São Paulo. He holds a degree in Audiovisual by the ECA-USP. Since 2010, he has been working in the production of features, shorts, series, TV shows and internet content. Since 2013, he partnered with Vivane Rodrigues to create BR153 Filmes, a production company based in Sao Paulo. He currently studies Economy at the FEA-USP.