Faraway Song

Feature-length film which follows the trajectory of Jimena as she searches for her place in the world. The film shows the transformation into adulthood of this late-bloomer. From a traditional family, Jimena is a young architect who works in reputable firm in Belo Horizonte,
and is responsible for designing a new headquarters for the Minas Gerais Orchestra. She lives with her mother and grandmother, two women for whom she cares dearly and to who she is very close. At home, they call her Nina and speak little of her father, Arturo. Born in El Salvador, Arturo left Brazil when his daughter was 4 years old. After 10 years of absolute silence, Arturo reestablished contact with Jimena, sending letters to her regularly.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 798,000.00

Capted Value: US$ 380,000.00




  • Clarissa Campolina

    Partner of the Anavilhana production company since 2005, she was a member of Teia from 2002 until 2014. Her films were screened and earned awards in festivals like Rotterdam, Brasília, Locarno, Oberhausen, Buenos Aires and Venice. In 2015, the DAAD – Art Residency Programme held a retrospective of her work at Arsenal Cinema, in Berlin.


  • Laura Godoy

    Journalist, producer and researcher. She is a partner at Ventura pro- duction company. She’s currently developing the project Orson Welles, besides producing the collaborative script development program Nú- cleo Criativo Transcriações, at Anavilhana production company. Laura has worked in many projects, such as Araby (Affonso Uchoa and João Dumans, 2017) and The Earth Trembles (Walter Salles, 2017)

  • Luana Melgaço

    Partner at Anavilhana production company. She produced films of important directors, such as Clarissa Campolina, Helvécio Marins, Marcos Pimentel, Marilia Rocha and Sergio Borges. Her films were screened and obtained awards in important festivals, and were released in commercial theaters, television and DVD.