Presentation Spcine

Building bridges for the development of new stories

239 applications in 2015; 323 in 2016, and 355 in 2017, including nine applications for an audience design workshop. Year after year, the BrLab numbers continue to prove its relevance and scope within Latin American and the Iberian Peninsula territory – among applicants, there are two projects from Portugal and three from Spain. Thus, Spcine is proud to join the list of partner institutions for the fourth consecutive year. Since January 2015, date of its official launch, Spcine – a municipal company of the city of São Paulo – has always sought to support initiatives focused on the development of audiovisual projects, particularly because this is the primordial stage of the production chain. It is during this stage that filmmakers search, experiment, build the narrative and put their works’ next steps into perspective. Inspired by this goal, Spcine launched a Doctoring program last year, placing filmmakers face-to-face with two internationally renowned industry specialists, allowing the former to further develop their feature film projects. In addition to reaping the fruits of this program, for which 25 screenplays of different formats and genres were selected, Spcine has continued to show a strong performance in 2017. The Circuito Spcine, the largest network of public movie theaters in Brazil, has already received over 620,000 viewers since it started. And the São Paulo Film Commission, department that authorizes shootings in the city of São Paulo, has over one thousand works registered in its service system. Not to mention numerous sponsorships and support for exhibitions and industry events. Spcine is proud to be a part of the BrLab trajectory. The work carried out by the laboratories and the ensuing exchange of knowledge are highly recognized. May the initiative continue to prosper, generating good results for the audiovisual sector.

Mauricio Andrade Ramos
Spcine’s President Director