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BrLab: Developing Cinema

2017. In a year when cinema is going through a period of important transformation due to the instability of the cultural policies in place, BrLab reaches its seventh edition. It is impossible not to remember the joys and difficulties experienced up to this moment. The regular and steady organization of the BrLab, supported by important partnerships established during its trajectory, has allowed us to develop coherent work year after year, with a solid foundation for the continuity of our actions. This is our main principle, our cry of
resistance: to move forward with our work and our belief in cinema. This year, in addition to the fundamental sponsorship from the São Paulo City Hall, through Spcine and the Municipal Department of Culture, for the first time, BrLab received investment and sponsorship from a private company. The project was selected by Oi’s Cultural Sponsorship Incentive Program and offered Oi’s relevant sponsorship through the State of São Paulo’s Cultural Action Program – ProAC. In addition to the recognition and substantial financial support, this new partnership has finally enabled us to expand the number of activities and the scope of our actions. This expansion is marked by the investment in open activities that go beyond the sectoral contents that we continuously promote. Through a partnership with ABRA, in particular with our cherished partner Thiago Dottori, a scriptwriter and BrLab enthusiast, we have designed an open program focused on issues involving narrative and audiovisual writing for the Brazilian scriptwriting market. Thanks also to the fundamental partnership with SESC’s Research and Training Center and FAAP’s hospitality, we have launched a program dedicated to scriptwriting. BrPlot is here to stay. This first edition brings forth a mosaic of fundamental questions that permeate the scriptwriting process, to be discussed in seven panels by guests with large experience and relevance in the current audiovisual landscape. All the BrPlot discussion panels will be transmitted via live streaming, enabling us to expand our reach, for free, to the audience that could not be accommodated into the rooms, or audiences at other locations. This year’s expansion was also geographic, and we are very happy to launch a program specially designed for young people and frequenters of Fábrica Cultural da Brasilândia, a special space that also welcomes us for the first time. This program allows us to review and expand the dimension and scope of our work. For the fifth consecutive year, BrLab relies on the institutional support from Mostra Internacional de Cinema, a partnership that allows our guests to attend the most traditional film industry event in the city during their short breaks, through a free pass to the films exhibited in the festival. Being a laboratory of ideas, BrLab also attempts to experiment with its format – not only to improve course dynamics, but also to meet new and different demands, as well as to ensure greater
relevance, market engagement and participation. In this context, it is important to shed light on issues that are still lacking in reflection: the film distribution process, and strategies to mobilize different audiences and attract them to movie theaters. Thus, we are proud to offer, for the first time in Brazil, an Audience Design Workshop in partnership with TorinoFilmLab. This partnership is very symbolic for us, given that TorinoFilmLab is a strong reference among international platforms and laboratories, and this activity
legitimizes our look at the entire creative and marketing process involved in a film production. BrLab’s seventh edition received a record number of applications. All of which representing projects of great artistic and social value. We wish we had room for more projects. Thus, our selection commission’s work was essential to ensure quality and consistency in the selected group. The projects are very diverse, but they also vocalize some common concerns that, for different reasons, we deem appropriate as selection criteria. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every member of the commission and our production team, especially the dedication and passion of the producers Marina Torre and Mariana Lopes, both fundamental for the BrLab 2017. If all the difficulties experienced to date have not been able to undermine our will and enthusiasm to develop and offer this platform, I am confident that seven more years will come and maybe seven after that, and then more. As long as cinema, the udiovisual industry, and the world exist, we expect our work to grow beyond our own existence, both in time and in the inspiration of new spaces.

Rafael Sampaio
Director of BrLab