Vitrine Filmes Development Award

    In the 7th edition of BrLab – audiovisual projects development, Vitrine Filmes, a partner of the laboratory since 2012, will award a Brazilian project for the first time. The Vitrine Filmes Development Award will be offered to one of the 6 participating Brazilian projects and will consist of an investment in the amount of R$ 70,000.00, linked to the contemplation of the distribution company by PRODAV 06/2016 Public Call, so that, in order to compete for the award, those responsible for the selected project must be compliant with the requirements of the abovementioned Public Call and follow all the contracting process guidelines. The execution shall follow PRODAV’s general regulation and the investment will be directed to the development of the awarded project. The announcement of the selected project will be made during the awards ceremony of the 2017 edition of BrLab – audiovisual projects development, and the contracting process will be carried out directly with the grantor of the Award, in accordance with the norms of the public incentive.

    Vitrine Filmes Acquisition Award

    Founded in 2010 by Silvia Cruz, Vitrine Filmes is a company primarily dedicated to the distribution of Brazilian films, showcasing national films and independent world cinema through its international catalogue. In seven years, Vitrine Filmes has already distributed more than 90 films. The following are among its greatest successes: Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho, seen by over 200 thousand spectators; Kleber Mendonça Filho’s O Som ao Redor, named one of the best films of 2012 by the New York Times; the American production Frances Ha, nominated for the Golden Globe in 2014; Mãe Só Há Uma, by Anna Muylaert, director of the award-winning Que Horas Ela Volta?; and Aquarius, Kleber Mendonça Filho’s second feature film, screened at Festival de Cannes and seen by more than 350,000 spectators in Brazilian theaters. Vitrine Filmes reaffirms its commitment to Latin American and Iberian cinema by supporting BrLab for the sixth consecutive year. It offers an acquisition award to a foreign project participating in the lab’s activities. In 2016, the winning project of the Vitrine Filmes Acquisition Award was Leonor Noivo’s Teia.

    FiGA Films Acquisition Award

    FiGa Films is a world sales agency, production and distribution company. Its growing library contains critically acclaimed, awardwinning films, acquired at top film festivals around the world, such as Pelo Malo, Golden Shell winner at the San Sebastián IFF. Privately funded in 2006, FiGa Films is a true independent voice for the best in filmmaking coming from around the globe, with a special focus on Latin America. Long lasting relationships, with a personal approach, are fundamental to co-founders Sandro Fiorin and Alex Garcia. FiGa Films’ mission is to select and sell worldwide rights of features, fiction and/or documentaries, with social relevance by up and coming directors. FiGa’s first co-production, Verano de Goliat by Nicolás Pereda (Mexico, 2010), won the Golden Lion in Venice. Cinema Novo (Brazil 2106), Best Documentary in Cannes and El Amparo (Venezuela, 2016) Best Film and Best Script awards at the São Paulo international film festival, are just a few of the projects represented by the company. The FiGa/Br Acquisition Award will be granted to one of the Brazilian participating projects with more potential for the international market. In 2016, the FiGa Films Acquisition Award was granted to Daniel Nolasco’s Vento Seco.

    Cinéma en Développement Award

    Cinéma en Développement is a space designed for European and Latin American professionals to meet, without characterizing a market. The goal of this platform is to promote an interchange between professionals who seek talents and projects and directors and producers who are developing their films and want to strengthen their network. Cinélatino Rencontres de Toulouse and BrLab, since 2013, have joined forces to carry on in Toulouse the support granted to Brazilian producers and directors with a project that will be jointly selected. Since then the projects Paterno (2013), A Morte Habita à Noite (2014), O Filho Plantado (2015) were selected to participated the program. This alliance aims to give continuity in Europe to the dynamic of guidance and support initiated in Latin America, offering this way an opportunity for one of the participant projects to benefit from a personalized program that includes presenting the project on the “1-to-1” meetings of Cinéma en Développement, meetings with renowned industry professionals, case studies, and watching Cinéma en Construction projections. Cinéma en Développement will take place at the professional platform of the Cinelatino 30th Rencontres de Toulouse (March 17- 26th, 2018). The Brazilian professionals engaged on the chosen project will enjoy the support of the Brazilian National Film Agency – ANCINE for their participation. In 2016, the Cinéma en Développement prize was granted to Leonardo Lacca’s Sábado Morto.

    TorinoFilmLab Award / TFL Up & Coming

    Torino Film Lab will be launching a new initiative in 2017: TFL Up & Coming. The aim of this initiative is to support emerging, non-European producers at the TFL Meeting Event in November by offering them a special “welcome package” and enhanced visibility. This selection of enterprising international producers will receive a dedicated guidance to the co-production forum and will be facilitated to navigate the fast-paced working context of the event. Furthermore, they will benefit from a special, tailor-made plan of activities on November 23rd, aimed at connecting them with potential partners, widening their industry network and, at the same time, empowering their knowledge and experience of European co-productions, markets and funding. TorinoFilmLab will create a specific programme of master classes and case studies for them, on the following subjects: • How to co-produce with Europe; • European co-production markets and forums; • European funding and tax incentives; • World sales. All the aforementioned topics will be presented and examined in depth by highly qualified European professionals that regularly collaborate in TFL’s training programmes. After these first dedicated training sessions, the TFL Up & Coming producers will join the other guests in the TFL Meeting Event programme, which includes: public pitches of TFL-developed projects, 1:1 meetings and networking moments. To ensure the TFL Up & Coming producers’ maximum visibility, their profiles will be incorporated in the TFL Catalogue 2017, each with a dedicated page. This will grant great added value in terms of exposure, which will help them to strengthen their connections with the industry. This year, in cooperation with BrLab, TorinoFilmLab will award an invitation to one of the producers selected at BrLab to be part of TFL Up&Coming.

    Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas Advogados Consulting Award

    CQS Advogados specializes in legal advice focused on planning, structuring and enabling business models for the entertainment, technology and non-profit industries, having contributed, since 1996, to the professionalization and growth of these industries in Brazil, becoming a reference. In the seventh edition of BrLab – Audiovisual Projects Development, for the first time, Cesnik, Quintino & Salinas Advogados will offer a legal advisory award, comprising up to six hours of legal advisory, to one of the participating projects. The award will be offered to the same project awarded by TorinoFilmLab and may be used for legal advisory involving Brazilian law or business model structuring.

    Tribeca Award

    The Tribeca Film Institute will select two projects with a compelling international story and provide them with mentorship support via Skype. Through these Skype mentorship sessions, TFI will give feedback on the project as well as on the filmmaker’s pitch, and provide advice on expanding the reach of the film in relation to the US industry. The Tribeca Film Institute is the year round nonprofit arm of the festival that champions storytellers to become catalysts for change in their communities.

    C/as4atro Award

    C/as4atro is a collective of executive producers with different and complementary expertise in audiovisual production, consulting and mentoring for feature films, TV series, marketing and advertising. C/as4atro begun its trajectory in November 2016. We have already provided production consulting services for several projects, including the TV series Filhos do Mar by Flo Filmes, in Goiânia; Renewal of Creative Centers at Ateliê Conteúdo, in Recife; Felipa e o Foguete, a TV film from Pira Filmes, Goiânia; Mistérios da Amazônia Antiga, from Elástica Filmes, São Paulo; the series Matches, from Midigal Filmes, Rio de Janeiro; and Expedicionários do Brasil, from Schurmann Filmes, São Paulo. Currently, we are responsible for the executive production of the TV series Insustentáveis, from Cérberos Filmes (MT) and co-production by Vermelho Filmes (SP), with shootings located in Chapada dos Guimarães. In the education area, we are involved in Ancine’s FSA/PRODAV 4 development laboratories with Klaxon Produções, we teach courses and classes at Centro Cultural BARCO and Instituto de Cinema in São Paulo, as well as workshops at festivals and courses in partnerships with institutions throughout Brazil, such as Porto Digital in Recife, Icuman Lab in Goiânia, Centrol Cultural Dragão do Mar in Fortaleza, among others. And because we believe that we can – and must – be the change we want to see in the world, we provide consulting services aimed at reducing the environmental impact of audiovisual productions, through Cinema Verde. We are Ariene Ferreira, Daniela Aun, Mariana Brasil and Mylena Mandolesi. 4 women who believe that no one goes very far by themselves, so we have united our talents to empower others, across the country. This year, in partnership with BrLab, we will award 1 project with 2 hours of consulting in executive production. From the planning of production to specific issues regarding public incentives, including the clarification of doubts about the audiovisual sector, negotiations and partnerships, our goal is to streamline processes, unblock steps and create, together, a healthy and viable production.