Audience Design Workshop

TorinoFilmLab, powered by Museo Nazionale del Cinema, is a yearround, international laboratory that supports emerging talents from all over the world – with a special attention to those working on 1st and 2nd fiction feature films – through training, development, funding and distribution activities. TFL runs several activities and offers various forms of support in each of these fields. The training initiatives ScriptLab, FeatureLab and SeriesLab run throughout the year. ScriptLab and FeatureLab reach their conclusive moment at the TorinoFilmLab Meeting Event in November during the Torino Film Festival, when projects and talents are presented to a selected group of producers, sales agents, distributors and other professionals from all over the world working in independent filmmaking. TorinoFilmLab also puts its pedagogical know-how and its wide network of experts to the service of external organizations by offering tailor-made workshops & lectures on demand, as we believe in the importance of spreading our knowledge, methodologies and good practices all over the world, extending the benefits of our work to our local partners and to the participants of their events, workshops, markets or festivals. To do so, we design customized training & development initiatives for international scriptwriters, directors, producers, etc., where the participants can benefit from TFL’s expertise and learn from high-profile professionals. We are very excited to be joining forces with BrLab to offer a workshop on Audience Design, a field where TorinoFilmLab has carried out a pioneering work in the last years, becoming a reference model for research and experimentation in Europe and in the rest of the world. The goal of the initiative is to create awareness among Brazilian professionals about the opportunities to connect with film audiences in a creative way, “thinking outside the box” and planning ahead already since the development stage of a project. The session will be carried out by 2 TFL Audience Design experts, who will work intensively on 3 fiction feature film projects together with the director, producer and sales agent or distributor of each film in order to identify their possible target audiences and come up with some first ideas of innovative strategies to engage them from pre-production onwards.


    Audience Design: exploring connections between films and persons

    With Greta Nordio and Marcelo Quesada
    October 26, 6:30 pm, at Cinemateca Brasileira

    Audience Design: exploring connections between films and persons Being film a communication medium, it requires a teller and a listener. Thinking about the audience from the early stages of development of a project can be really fruitful not only for its economical sustainability, but also because it can open very interesting dialogues and new artistic paths. Audience Design is a strategic and dynamic holistic process, specifically tailored to each project, that aims to ensure the best distribution for a film by targeting its right audience. It is an approach based on storytelling and experimentation. This lecture will explore the strategy of Audience Design, showing how others have implemented it successfully and how it could be a great tool for the development, production and distribution of any project.

    • Greta Nordio

    • Marcelo Quesada

    • Born and raised in Venice, Italy. She pursued a degree in English and Film Studies in Scotland, a master in Film Studies at Columbia University and another master in Bologna, where she graduated with a thesis on Audience Design. In 2014 she worked for Film Presence, specializing in strategic outreach and crowdfunding campaigns for different films, such as Citizenfour. She also organized the outreach strategy of the 52nd NYFF and worked in distribution. Greta attended the TorinoFilmLab Audience Design workshop in 2015 and she currently works for Vivo film, an independent production company based in Rome
      Founder and co-director of Pacífica Grey, devoted to the promotion, production and distribution of independent cinema in Central America, bringing to the region films by auteurs such as Ruben Östlund, Jim Jarmusch, Kleber Mendoça, among others. In cultural management, he was advisor for the development of pioneer training courses and industry initiatives for Cinergia Film Fund. He was the artistic director of the Costa Rica International Film Festival, improving its international profile as a boutique to showcase local talent. He collaborates with Cinema23 and Fénix Awards, Berlinale Distribution Network and Latin American Distribution Network La Red.