Glória, 12 years old, is a religious girl with fragile health, cold skin and a dark soul. As a young child, she was on the verge of death and was saved by a heart transplant. Something changes when she realizes that in order to keep her alive, god allowed someone to die. Affected by this dilemma, Glória approaches Sofia, a transgender Gothic girl. Few things in the world satisfy Sofia. Her very limited list of pleasures include heavy metal and bacon. Glória and Sofia know that troubled souls do not go to heaven. Trying to discover the donor's whereabouts, they invoke his or her spirit. The link between the physical and the spiritual worlds will be Francisca, Sofia's senile grandmother. Together, they invoke a spirit, but do not find what they expected.

Technical information

Country / state Brazil | France

Estimated Budget US$ 596,025.83

Amount Raised US$ 15,694.86


Selected project in the BrLab, 2020

Production Company

Moveo Filmes

Film and audiovisual production company based in Brasília and founded in 2018. The company's first feature film, Rafaela Camelo’s O Mistério da Carne (2018), was awarded Best Short Film in Biarritz. Currently, the company is finalizing Patrícia Colmenero’s feature film Na barriga da baleia, two short films, and developing the project Sangue do meu sangue.