BrPlot – Scriptwriters Meeting

Presentation BrPlot

Through a partnership between BrLab – development of audiovisual projects and ABRA (Associação Brasileira de Autores Roteiristas), curated by Thiago Dottori, the first BrPlot – Encontro de Roteiristas was held in 2017. This event is one of the fruits of BrLab’s growth, an opportunity to reach out to the professionals who did not have their projects selected during the 8 years of existence of the laboratory, added by ABRA’s attention to the great demand for scriptwriting discussion spaces. In order to arrange discussions about the themes, approaches, concepts and fundamental elements in the construction of a script and its characters, and also to reflect on the scriptwriting market in Brazil, a series of panels and debates are organized, with the participation of renowned writers, authors, producers, among several other audiovisual professionals in Brazil and abroad.