In Mexico, a town is torn by war between the army and drug trafficking. A boy lost his mother, and his grandmother told him that the only way for her to return alive is to ask for a miracle from the forces of nature. That night the boy enters the woods to ask for his mother, while the village prepares for the final battle between fear and freedom, against an approaching army.



Country: Mexico

Estimated Value: US$ 525.500,00

Capted Value: U$D 455.600,00



  • Joshua Gil Delgado

    With a Master’s degree in Film Photography from ESCA in Barcelona, he began his professional career in the photography department of the film “Japón” by Carlos Reygadas. Since 2007 he has been directing documentaries, advertising films and series for TV. His debut film “La maldad” premiered at the 65th Berlinale.


  • João Marcos de Almeida

    Graduated in Radio and Televison from Cásper Líbero, João is a film director, editor and scriptwriter. Member of Filmes do Caixote, responsible for works such as “Trabalhar cansa”, “O que se move” and “Sinfonia da necrópole”. As director and editor, he is responsible for the short films “A bela p…”, “Eva Nil cem anos sem filmes” and “Meu amigo que trabalhou com Manoel de Oliveira, que fez cem anos”, among others. He worked for ten years as a collaborator of Cinemateca Brasileira, in the Documentation and Research area. His most recent short film, “Febre”, codirected with Sergio Silva, was exhibited at Mostra Foco, Mostra de Cinema Tiradentes, the 28th Kinoforum, and Festival Mix Brasil.