In order to bring to life his most ambitious building, Sérgio, a 55-years-old architect, needs to take over the family’s construction company. To do so, he puts together a secret plan that depends on the inheritance of his father Heitor, owner of the company and suffering from a terminal illness. But Sérgio discovers that Heitor started a second family with Suzana, a stranger who by law holds half of his father’s estate. Thus begins an obsessive and revealing search for Heitor’s past, with the power to demolish Sérgio and his dream.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 452.800,00

Capted Value: US$ 372.900,00



  • Marcelo Costa Lordello

    Born in Brasília in 1981, he graduated in Communication from UFPE. In 2007, he directed the short films “Garotas de PDV”, “Fiz zum zum e pronto” (2008) and “Nº 27” (2008) exhibited in Festival de Brasília, Kinoforum and Santa Maria da Feira. His first documentary, “Vigias” (2010), premiered at the Festival de Brasília, BAFICI and Filmfest München. His first feature film, “Eles voltam” (2012), was awarded Best Film by the Jury and Critics, Best Actress and Supporting Actress at the 45th Festival de Brasília, with its international debut at the Tiger Awards Competition of the 2013 Rotterdam Festival. Currently, the director is editing “Paterno”, B.O. winner of MinC 2015 (a fund support).


  • Eduardo Serrano

    Master in Editing by the National Film School (NFTS) / Royal College of Art in England. He began his collaboration with Marcelo Lordello in “Eles voltam”. Since then, he has worked on an animation series, short and feature documentaries directed by several directors from a few different countries, such as “Boi neon” and “Doméstica” by Gabriel Mascaro, “Guaxuma” by Nara Normande, “Djon África” by Filipa Reis and João Miller, and “Aquarius” by Kleber Mendonça Filho, for which he received ABC’s Best Editing award. Today, he divides his time between “Bacurau” by Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelis, and “Paterno” by Marcelo Lordello.