My father became unemployed. The whole family had to go back to the old house at Bresser, a small working class neighborhood in São Paulo. My mother looks for a way out, but she doesn’t really know what to do. My sister got a job, but it pays badly. My grandmother is getting demented. My father almost gave up. The dogs bark a lot. They stay all day at home, they fight a lot. In the meanwhile, I film them. A strange object in the sky abducts my mother. Our lives continue as if nothing had happened.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 170.000,00

Capted Value: US$ 140.000,00



  • Bruno Risas

    Bruno Risas is a film director, screenwriter and director of photography. He graduated in Cinema from Universidade Anhembi – Morumbi in 2009. He worked as production and camera assistant, and he was an intern at Cinemateca Brasileira, where he worked with audiovisual preservation. As a photographer, he has made dozens of films with relevant names of the new generation of Brazilian directors such as Eliane Caffé, Juliana Rojas, André Novais and Maria Clara Escobar. With his work as a director, he screened at festivals the short films “Cajamar” (2013), “Os cegos” (2014) and “Ventanas del ayer” (2013/2017). He is currently finishing his first feature film “Ontem havia coisas estranhas no céu”.


  • João Marcos de Almeida

    Graduated in Radio and Televison from Cásper Líbero, João is a film director, editor and scriptwriter. Member of Filmes do Caixote, responsible for works such as “Trabalhar cansa”, “O que se move” and “Sinfonia da necrópole”. As director and editor, he is responsible for the short films “A bela p…”, “Eva Nil cem anos sem filmes” and “Meu amigo que trabalhou com Manoel de Oliveira, que fez cem anos”, among others. He worked for ten years as a collaborator of Cinemateca Brasileira, in the Documentation and Research area. His most recent short film, “Febre”, codirected with Sergio Silva, was exhibited at Mostra Foco, Mostra de Cinema Tiradentes, the 28th Kinoforum, and Festival Mix Brasil.