BrLab 2016

Presentation Spcine

Spcine and BrLab: Knowledge exchange and convergence of actions

Everything in the film and audiovisual space starts with a good story. With an original story, well-defined characters and a relevant theme, it is possible to create a screenplay, rework it and start it into the production cycle. BrLab was created to foster the improvement of the main asset of the audiovisual work, the backbone from which other arms unfold, and provide technical support for its development as language and business model.

Spcine is proud to be a partner of the event for the third consecutive time. Although the event has a short duration, we follow the projects’ evolution, the emergence of new narratives and the gradual selection of applicants. Over the past year BrLab received 84 additional applications, totaling 323, representing an even larger production spectrum throughout Brazil and the South American continent. The audiovisual work is a living, pulsating organism, and as long as there are spaces that support creativity, there will be audiovisual production.

Out of the applicant pool, 14 projects were selected to join the program – seven Brazilian and seven foreign. Among the national projects, three are from São Paulo and one is a São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro coproduction. The number reflects the strength of São Paulo’s creative production, known in the country as a storehouse of good scripts.

In 2016, BrLab introduces LAB Spcine, a new fruit of the partnership with Spcine. LAB Spcine is a workshop that Spcine is launching at audiovisual events sponsored or supported by the company. The workshop’s goal is to qualify beginner producers for the international film market. The meetings will place filmmakers face to face with professional experts. Such experts include Rodrigo Teixeira, Paula Cosenza, Sandro Fiorin, Tatiana Leite and Diana Almeida. It is an rewarding initiative that puts into action one of Spcine’s mains goals: education, viewed as a historical bottleneck in the industry.

2016 has been a dynamic year. After an intense 2015, marked by the official launch of Spcine and the definition of its main goals, several actions and public policies gained momentum and became part of the daily life of the city and its filmmakers. The Circuito Spcine de Cinema launched 18 movie theatres, becoming the largest network of public movie theatres in the country. More than 200,000 people have attended over 3,000 sessions. São Paulo Film Commission, Spcine’s department responsible for centralizing shooting authorizations in the city, also took flight once its decree took effect on May 16. Over 370 requests were received and 1,679 locations were approved. According to sector’s data, the audiovisual market yielded R$ 193 million and generated 12,862 jobs. Meanwhile, the municipal company continued to invest in other actions, such as public grants and investment programs focused on production, distribution, video games, short films and script doctoring. Not to mention the sponsorship and support of festivals and industry events.

The numbers and data are impressive, attesting to the strength of the market and the importance of the public policies stimulated by Spcine. BrLab plays a key role in the shaping of this trajectory, as it stands as the birthplace of good stories. And, as everyone knows, this is where it all begins.

Alfredo Manevy

President of Spcine