Book release


Oct/26 – Wednesday • 7pm
Instituto Cervantes | Av. Paulista, 2439

Book release “Eliseo en 100 Preguntas”

“A conversation with Altunaga is a class about screenwriting, film, life and cultural connections. His classes are always crowded with students, with other professors, all plunged into the rhythm of his words. Furious, irreverent, accurate, permanent words. This book is the record of a series of conversations that we have had between 2009 and 2016, in different places: at his home in Havana, over coffee at the “El Rapidito” (the iconic EICTV’s cafeteria), at my place in Santiago, Chile, at hotels, cafes and meetings via Skype. And thus I went on capturing Eliseo’s words. Little by little. In fragments. For years. This is not a book on screenwriting, nor does it pretend to be. This is a book about one man’s passion for film, for scripts, for life. Eliseo Altunaga never brought any written material or anything prepared to our meetings. It is my hope that, when reading this book, readers feel like they are having a coffee with the Master, getting carried away by his words and the conceptual mazes of his universe full of wisdom, cinema and life.” Julio Rojas (author)

  • Eliseo Altunaga

    Scriptwriter, narrator and consultant. Dean of the Script Department at EICTV and scriptwriting professor at Universidade de la Havana (Cuba). He wrote several feature films, series and novels. Among his works, Violeta se Fue a los Cielos – awarded in Huelva and Sundance -, Machuca, Tony Manero and No – nominated as Best Foreign Film for the Oscars – stand out.