We’re all sailors

Krystof, his brother Yerik and Captain Hagen are three sailors who have been stranded for eight weeks on a fishing ship, in front of the port of El Callao. Krystof begins a relationship with Sonia, a woman who sells breakfasts near a factory with the help of her stepson Tito. Sonia becomes the only hope Krystof has to move forward. She suggests they can open a restaurant and care for his sick brother Yerik together. But Krystof’s pride stops him from accepting her offer. In a desperate act, Krystof proposes another way out to Hagen: selling some of the company’s fishing tackles and buying a return ticket with the money. Excited about the idea, the sailors celebrate on the ship and Tito joins the celebration. They drink more than they should and in a confused act, Krystof becomes violent towards Tito, kills him and throws his body into the sea. Krystof cannot go back to his country nor to the fishing ship.


Country: Peru

Estimated Value: US$ 373,095.36

Capted Value: US$ 10,000.00


  • Miguel Angel Moulet

    Miguel Angel Moulet (Lima, 1978) studied at EICTV in Cuba. His short film Los Anfitriones won the 3rd Place Prize of the Cinéfondation at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, among others. He is currently working on his first feature film We’re all sailors.


  • Carolina Denegri

    Carolina Denegri (Lima, 1978) has quickly positioned herself as one of the most important producers in Peru. She recently finished Héctor’s Gálvez new film NN, and her filmography includes El Limpiador and Chicama. Her new projects are Donde sueñan los salvajes and Vunker, among others.