Dear tropic

Erika (17) has just won a scholarship to study Law at a prestigious university. To her mother and grandmother, Erika is a blessing from God and the promise of a better future. Isabella (17) is studying Law because her mother is a successful lawyer. The two girls become friends, allies and then realize they are falling in love. Isabella does not question anything, while Erika struggles to put her mother and the pastor’s sermons out of her mind. One night, while touching and kissing in Isabella’s car, two policemen discover them. Isabella bribes the cops, but Erika is terrified and decides to end the relationship. The next day, Isabella tries to reconcile with Erika; they fight but end up kissing. Monica, a friend of Isabella’s who feels neglected and jealous, records the kiss without them noticing and uploads the video to the internet. The video goes viral, unleashing violence and homophobia around them until it destroys their love.


Country: Panamá

Estimated Value: US$ 300,000.00

Capted Value: US$ 10.000,00


  • Ana Endara Mislov

    Ana Endara Mislov graduated from EICTV in Cuba and studied Social Studies and Anthropology at Florida State University. Her films include Curundú and Reinas, both documentaries screened at several film festivals around the world. With Dear tropic, Ana is now transitioning towards her first fiction feature.


  • Nadyezhda Adames

    Nadyezhda completed her postgraduate studies in Production Management at the Escola de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya. Since then she has worked as a production coordinator on projects like Juan Sebastian Jacomé’s Ruta de la luna and Pituka Ortega Heilbron’s La ruta. She is currently developing her first feature as a producer, Dear tropic.