Yesterday there where strange things in the sky

My father became unemployed after 15 years of stability. My family tried different ways, but they were obliged to come back to the old house at the Bresser neighbourhood. This return was in 2010. I kept living there to help them with their new condition: no money, no possibilities and a broken identity. The house is built in a small village, remaining from the past. At first, there were rivers and primitive people. Then came the factories and the workers. Today, big apartment complexes and parking lots expand in the area. The village stayed the same. My mother searches for ways out. My father doesn’t want to work anymore. I proposed to them to make a movie together about the situation. Mixing fiction, old footage, domestic and documentary material, we try to move across the times and create a new one: a time of meeting with ourselves. In the midst of all this, some strange and bright things appeared in the sky. They chase my mother; she surrenders.


Country: Brasil

Estimated Value: US$ 260,000.00

Capted Value: US$ 20,000.00


  • Bruno Risas

    A partner at Sancho Filmes, Bruno Risas directed the shorts Os cegos and Cajamar. He was a cinematographer for awarded films, such as Pouco mais de um mês (Honorable Mention at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2014) and Aliança. He is currently developing his first feature, Yesterday there where strange things in the sky, with which he participated in Talent Campus Buenos Aires and won a municipal Development Grant in the city of São Paulo.


  • Michael Warhmann

    Graduated in Film at FAAP, Michael Warhmann directed the short films Avós and Oma, selected to more than 60 festivals, such as the 60th Berlinale, and awarded in more than 40 of them. Avanti Popolo, his first feature, was awarded at Festival Internazionale del Film di Roma and the Festival de Cinema de Brasília. He is currently developing three features.