The employee and the employer

The film is about the relationship between an employee and his employer. How it thrives and then breaks. About the tortuous relationship they have with happiness, freedom and work. The employer is a young owner of several rural businesses. He comes from a bourgeois family and he practices a modern life. He has everything, except the health of his child. The employee is even younger than his employer. He is the eldest son of a local hunting guide and for the first time gets to work with a tractor. He lives in the countryside, widly humble, with his parents and the mother of his child. He has an urgent need for a proper job, but can’t make ends meet by himself. He dreams to run a raid for which he trains a horse. Tragedy breaks. The employee’s baby dies in a tractor accident driven by him. Guilt arises in the employer’s soul and he starts to try and help his employee by giving him things to do.


Country: Uruguai

Estimated Value: US$ 1,300,000.00

Capted Value: US$ 0.00


  • Manuel Nieto

    Manuel Nieto (Montevideo, 1972) studied Communication Sciences at the Universidad Católica de Uruguay. In 2004, alongside Control Z Films, he shot the feature La perrera. In 2007 he founded Roken Films, aiming to develop films independently, and produced his second feature El lugar del hijo. He is currently working as a teacher at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes.


  • Laura Gutman

    Laura Gutman is a producer and musician, who graduated in 2000 as a Filmmaker and Technician. Her career has been focused on producing fiction films, such as Juan Pablo Rebella e Pablo Stoll’s Whisky, Federico Veiroj’s La vida útil and Manuel Nieto’s El lugar del hijo. She is currently an executive producer at Temperamento Films, alongside Pablo Stoll.