Still life

Still life tells the story of Lenita, a 22-year-old orphan of mother, raised and educated by her father, who insists that she marries, as he believes that marriage is a physiological necessity. Lenita’s father dies and she decides to move to Colonel Barbosa’s farm, an old man who raised her father and was also his tutor. During her stay at the farm, she meets Manuel Barbosa, a 40 year-old man, separated though officially married. They live an intense hidden love affair that ends in a tragical outcome, once Lenita finds out she is pregnant. The main theme in Still life is hysteria, which will be approached as a free adaptation of Julio Ribeiro’s novel A carne (1888).


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 272,000.00

Capted Value: US$ 0.00


  • Clarissa Ramalho

    Clarissa Ramalho is a screenwriter, graduated in Communication with Specialization in Documentary at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Her works in film include: writing and directing the short film Janelas; writing Ricardo Miranda ‘s features Paixão e virtude and Paraíso utópico; being an assistant director in Joana Oliveira’s Morada.


  • Beth Formaggini

    Beth Formaggini is a documentarist and producer. She produced Paixão e virtude, Djalioh, Paralelo, Outro sertão, Bendito fruto, Joaquim.doc, Peões, Edifício Master and Babilônia 2000, as well as the series A Linguagem do Cinema and Chatô, Rei do Brasil. She directed, among others, Angeli 24h, Apartamento 608; Memória para uso diário, Nobreza popular and Walter.doc.