Static miracle

Cuba today. In times of incertitude, the life of four characters depend on a fragile illusion that resists from crashing. 8-year-old Marlon collects pictures and newspaper clippings of Fidel Castro glued to his room wall, but with every rainfall humidity infiltrates and damages his collage. 76-year-old Patria grew up in the Cuban aristocracy. She tries to sustain the rules of her belle époque, but now her mansion is a hostel for tourists attended by her family as servants. 19-year-old Yuri never leaves his room, from where he edits his whole life like a reggaeton videoclip. 29-year-old Nicolás is a foreign writer who lives in the streets of Havana without a visa or money to finish an interminable piece: a documentary that demonstrates that there are houses in Havana that move in order to resist the passing of time, houses in “miracle static”, which the government has declared in danger of collapse but have never fallen.


Country: Cuba / Nicarágua

Estimated Value: US$ 112,503.90

Capted Value: US$ 36,279.60


  • Noelia Lacayo e Gustavo Vinagre

    Noelia Lacayo is a sociologist graduated in Screenwriting at the EICTV in Cuba. She was a visiting researcher at Concordia University in Montreal, and is a researcher and writer for documentaries and hybrid films, such as RES and Clases de baile. She directed Primer arma, an experimental documentary produced by Phill Hoffman.


  • Humberto Jiménez Penha

    Humberto Jiménez Penha was a unit production manager at EICTV in Cuba. He was an executive producer in Querido Camilo (winner of DocTV Iberoamérica); a line producer in Fernando Trueba's Chico & Rita; a screenwriter in Fernando Pérez's La vida es silbar; and an assistant director in Ken Loach's Carla's song.