Until the way

Francis is a strange young man living in a simple house with his family, housekeepers of a big farm isolated in a rural area in the extreme south of Brazil. The house is close to a highway and there’s nothing else around. Francis spends his days sharing errands with his sister Joana and taking care of the security of the land with his father Herbert. He holds a distant and silent affective relationship with his mother Marcia. As Francis gets more impulsive and less social, he finds in an abandoned waterfall surrounded by dense woods a place of refuge. He ends up developing a weird obsession with the place. When summer comes, more cars pass on the road and peace at the waterfall is affected by the young tourists invading the place.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 392,000.00

Capted Value: US$ 164,000.00




  • Davi Pretto

    Davi Pretto's first feature film Castanha premiered in the Forum section at the 64th Berlinale. Since then the film has been selected to compete at several festivals, such as BAFICI (FEISAL Award – Special Mention), Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Las Palmas (Best Actor), Paulinia (Best Sound), Festival do Rio, among others. Until the way is his second feature.


  • Paola Wink

    Producer and partner of Tokyo Filmes, production company based in Porto Alegre, RS. She has produced dozens of short films screened at festivals such as Cannes, Locarno, Bilbao, Stockholm, Huelva, Tiradentes, Valdivia, Havana, Vancouver, among others. She produced Davi Pretto’s feature films Castanha and Rifle, both premiered at the Berlinale.  She is the creator of PLATAFORMA:LAB, a Brazilian laboratory for films undergoing development.  She has been invited to bring her feature film projects to important international laboratories, including the Co-Production Forum (Festival de San Sebastián), Carte Blanche (Locarno Festival), BrLab (SP), Talent Project Market (Berlinale), Brasil CineMundi (BH), EAVE Puentes.