Black amber

An article from 1979 makes Miguel (64) and Lucia (62) go back to the past, hours before they celebrate their black amber anniversary. Later on, a small party in their garden gathers family and friends together to toast to their 43 years of marriage. A rushed trip to São Paulo leads Miguel to find himself 40 years younger, when he reencounters Maria Eugenia (62), a writer from Pernambuco based in France who left during the military dictatorship without saying goodbye to Miguel, to her fellow militans, to the country. While researching for her new novel, Maê brings answers to Miguel. The City, History, Politics, Time and Desire are stuck in two love stories where there’s no room for three lovers. Lucia recalls secretly hidden letters. Miguel tries to follow his instincts and feels divided by his current relationship and his old time love. Memory confuses Maê, Miguel and Lucia’s realities.


Country: Brazil

Estimated Value: US$ 526,114.30

Capted Value: US$ 184,367.54



  • Tuca Siqueira

    Tuca Siqueira is a screenwriter and director, graduated in Journalism from UFPE with a specialization in Film Studies from UNICAP. She directed and wrote seven short films (fiction and documentary) and a documentary feature. She has been part of curations, judging committees for film festivals, and has taught film workshops. Tuca has been involved with the Black Amber project for six years now.


  • Rayssa Costa

    Rayssa Costa graduated in Film from UFPE and started her master’s equivalent at the Université de Toulouse in 2012. She has been working in the production and executive-production areas for four years now. As an assistant or producer, she has done short and feature films, series and TV-shows presented locally and abroad.