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BrLab 2014: Consolidating partnerships and paths

It’s almost anecdotal an episode I lived in Costa Rica right after the first edition of BrLab in 2011. Since the creation of this lab – first and only space dedicated to developing film projects in Brazil which includes foreign projects in the base of its conception, methodology and strategy-, we have fortunately had the support of various institutions, companies, people and events as partners to make a new BrLab edition take place each year.

In 2011, right on the first edition, we consolidated an important partnership with Cinergia, a respected institution responsible for programs that have been collaborating with the development of a significant part of the audiovisual production in Central America. In that same year we were invited to take a closer look at their projects and because of that, I had the honor of being part of their selection jury. I was part of a roundtable where we discussed the importance of Rotterdam Lab and Cinemart as parallel activities to International Film Festival Rotterdam, besides the great contribution of their famous international funds for filmmaking. On the occasion, I was in charge of presenting – and that’s why I say that experience was anecdotal – the BrLab project, which in 2011 was still a promise of a future space in Brazil favorable for meeting and interchanging experiences about the audiovisual market among Latin American countries.

Evidently during this four years since the first edition a lot has been accomplished, and we believe that each year we are taking the best path to consolidate our achievements and partnerships. We do know that we can keep on moving forward, taking into account what we have experienced with the trust and generosity of each participant project, with the contribution of tutors and panelists and with the institutional partners and production team that give their best to make each edition happen.

Our partnership with Cinergia made us see this year an expressive positive result in regard to the projects submitted by Central American production companies, so much that in this edition we have four projects from Central America (within the eight spots for foreign projects),which has a lot to do with the continued efforts led by the institution. Still in 2014, it’s important to emphasize, we gained RECAM’s special support for the participation of small production companies from Mercosul, a new alliance bound to grow and last. And, coincidence or not, in 2011 BrLab was born, even if unware of it, in the last year of a blessed term in the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, whose Minister at the time came to be the same Municipal Secretary of Culture who created SP Cine, an endeavour whose partnership and co-execution contributed expressively to our continuity in 2014.

Lastly, I would like to extend our gratitude to all those who contribute to the strengthening of our alliances and the success of our achievements.

Rafael Sampaio