Industry Academy is an intensive training program focused on providing training and support to young professionals who work in film distribution (traditional or online), sales, marketing, exhibition and programming, deepening their understanding and thus better enabling them to face the challenges of the international independent audiovisual industry.

Offered in partnership with the Locarno Film Festival and with the support of the Ibermedia Program, the workshop in 2020 will be divided into two sessions dedicated to Ibero- American professionals: the first one to be held during the BrLab, in November, and the second one to be held during the Australab (Chile), in December.

Industry Academy 2019

Ambar Muñoz, Cinema Nubo, México

Anais Taracena, Asombro Producciones, Guatemala

Anna Paula Andrade, Tarrafa, Brasil

Camila Juliana Soriano Wilches, Boonet, Colombia

Carlos Velandia, Equinoxio Film Festival, Colombia

Cristóbal Serra Jorquera, Costa Rica IFF, Chile / Costa Rica

Dalia Rosa Peña Flores, PIANO Distribución, México

Denise Haddad, CAPAC, Argentina

Diana Castro, Transcinema, Perú 

Elizabeth Aquino, Festival de Cine de Lima PUCP / CCPUCP en casa, Peru

Enoc Figueroa Neira, Ficwallmapu, Chile

Enock Carvalho, Gatopardo Filmes, Brasil

Florencia Dupont, Santiago Independiente/ Nítida Producciones, Argentina / Chile

Henrique Amud, Arapuá Filmes,  Brazil

Isabel Collazos Gottret, Cineclubcito boliviano, Bolivia

Juan Carlos Caruz Serra, FIC La Ventana, Chile

Karla Díaz-Montalba, Cinespacio, Chile

Katherina Harder Sacre, FICIQQ, Chile

Marina Kosa, Tanto Produções, Brasil

Marta Garcia, Doc Montevideo / Latam Cine, Spain / Uruguay

Paula Gomes, Olhar Distribuição, Brasil

Pedro Tinen, São Paulo Short FF / MixBrasil / Ecofalante, Brasil